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Regardless of the size of your operation, now more than ever, it’s important to ensure you protect your workplace and safeguard your workplace people – both staff and visitors. Cleaning effectively, and efficiently with the right equipment for the job, provides everyone with the peace of mind that all steps have been taken to control the potential spread of harmful pathogens.


Combining the right equipment with the right type of Active Agent will ensure that, once the workplace is visibly clean, the workplace is also ‘invisibly’ clean by killing any existing germs. There is a wide range of disinfectants that can be chosen to carry out regular floor, low and high surface touchpoint cleaning routines. It’s crucial to get the combination right to be effective, but also a cost saving perspective.


For the past twenty years, our methodology has remained unchanged and, now more than ever, it is proving to be the effective approach to creating a clean, safe workplace environment. The use of anti-microbial Active Agents adds a level of on-going pro-active protection that lasts for up to thirty days and inhibits the existence of viral pathogens.

The combination of equipment, disinfectant & anti microbial products, which we apply using their instilled large-scale cleaning routine, along with their on-going support is what sets NWCE apart. We now clean more efficiently and have made a significant cost-saving as we moved to water-based disinfectant.

Having implemented the NWCE solution, I know that the environment that my staff and customers are occupying is as hygienically clean as possible. I also know that the products that we’re using are botheffective and cost-efficient. It means that I have the peace of mind that we’re doing all we can for everyone to ‘clean it correct.’

We continually scrutinise the various cleaning equipment products brought to market. By developing our own rigorous field tests, we have fine tuned our brand inventory to include only the very best equipment from the leading manufacturers. We have set out below our cleaning equipment categories. These categories allow us to recommend the most appropriate solution for your specific cleaning requirement based upon scale of operation, sector specific conditions and of course budget.



Ride-on, walk behind, or hand-held, we have the right sweepers for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Ride-on or walk behind, we have the right scrubber dryer for indoor and out- door spaces.



Make light work of sanitising in smaller spaces with a durable portable spray wand system.

Create a perfect liquid layer to ensure complete sanitisation of all surfaces.



For smaller spaces, we’ve put together a range of lightweight products that are highly effective.

Steam cleaners are a chemical-free alternative to deep clean open and hard to reach areas.



Convert water into SAO ™ a powerful, chemical free, safe & envronmentally friendly disinfectant.

Convert water into SAO ™ a powerful, chemical free, safe & envronmentally friendly disinfectant.

We can help you choose the right Active Agents to be used in conjunction with your choice of equipment. This will ensure you are getting the most out of your cleaning routine and your budget.



We have a range of products that provide you with the ability to clean all surfaces and touchpoints to make them both visibly & invisibly clean.

With our water converting wall mounted & portable SAO™ Units, you can disinfect effectively with water, reducing on-going disinfectant costs by up to 80%.

It’s important to prevent the presence of pathogens but not practical or cost-effective to clean con- stantly. We have products that create a barrier to actively attract & kill pathogens on impact lasting a long time.


Keep surfaces protected for longer without the hassle of sterilising every day.

With no dangerous chemicals or alcohol, our dermatologically tested antimicrobial shield active agent provides long lasting protection.

Whilst you perform your usual cleaning routine, using an anti-microbial technology periodically will provide you with long-lasting protection against germs and viruses.


Depending upon the size and scale of your operation, along with the nature of your day to day business and your sector specific conditions, we will establish a blueprint consisting of the recommended equipment and active agents for maximum effectiveness.

We will then reccé all work areas to identify high risk pinchpoints, high traffic thoroughfares, passing points, high touchpoints and communal gathering locations.

We’ll then devise a routine that enables your operation to continue with the least disruption possible and the most effective execution.


Either through the use of one of our equipment categories, or, dependent upon the scale of your operation, by hand, your cleaning routine should take place as often as is required based upon the nature of your activities.

We will recommend the most appropriate cleaning detergents, soaps and disinfectants for the job and can help you work out a cost effective solution. We will also demonstrate the benefits of using stabilised aqueous ozone (SAO™).

Converting water into SAO™, a powerful, chemical free, safe & environmentally friendly cleaner / disinfectant, replaces the need for conventional chemicals and can provide significant cost savings in many workplace settings.


On day one of your cleaning process, use an Anti-Microbial Active Agent creating a protective barrier that conventional disinfectants cannot achieve. This provides long lasting, pro-active germ and long lasting virus protection on all high touchpoint high risk surfaces.

Carry out routine cleaning as often as is needed to keep your workplace visibly clean, then re-apply perodically.

This method delivers a cost-effective solution that reduces the use of costly conventional cleaning disinfectants and greatly reduces labour.


Social distancing measures don`t mean you`re in the clear. Use proven methods to Clean it Correct and save as much money as possible.

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